Hungry for less ? Hungry for better ?

MAD presents United Fashion Festival, that imagines and initiates a different future for fashion. A future in which we’re all, both industry and consumers, hungry for less and better.


From 1st April to
6th June ‘21


Currently, our industry is built around the boundless consumption of clothes. But it can, and has to be, so much more. Through recent and archival work of 40 designers, this exhibition explores the many values that aren’t celebrated by our current system. The beauty of the past, the pleasure of togetherness, the skill of handwork, or the emotion of wear...

Rather than a pragmatic detailing of the value chain, this exhibition uses the power of fashion to confront the visitors – whether they are outsiders or experienced professionals – with their understanding of the clothes they wear every day.
Opening Times
Wednesday to Sunday . 11am — 6pm
Ruby Hoette, Elisa Van Joolen, Louis Appelmans, Eleanor Chapman, Jan-Jan Van Essche, Mette Julie Bundgaard-Nielsen, Petit Pli, Marina Yee, Kevin Germanier, Amélie Pichard, Nicole McLaughlin, Ester Manas, Helen Kirkum, Martin Margiela, Sigita Sniegs,Tom Van Der Borght, Join Collective, Peterson & Stoop, Golden Joinery, Tom of Holland, Atelier Germe, Delvaux, Honest By, Friends of Light, Bethany Williams, About A Worker, Bihor Couture, Painted Series, Chopova Lowena, Alexandra Sipa, Lee Sun, Diana Scherer, Patzaikin, Emma Bruschi, Alice Robinson, We Made Together, Tigran Avetisyan, Doriane van Overeem, Karolina Jurikova et Maximilian Rittler


Here’s a proposal to pause for a second before chowing down the next fast fashion craving. The ‘Daily Menu’ offers a six-course solution, made up solely by recycled ingredients, combine and complement as you please. This United Fashion collection serves up transparency, action and amusement, not only appetising but also vital as an approach for the future. ‘Daily Menu’ orders are ready for pick-up April 2021.


  • 13.04 . OnlineTalk #1Mette Julie Bundgaard-Nielsen
    Fashion is timeless : How to design for longevity
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  • 26.04 . OnlineTalk #2Kim Hou (About a Worker)
    Fashion is collaborative : The importance of teamwork
    learn more
  • 03.05 . OnlineTalk #3Anouk Beckers (JOIN collective)
    Fashion is playful : Why modularity matters
    learn more
  • 10.05 . OnlineTalk #4Saskia Van Drimmelen (Painted Series)
    Fashion is heritage : Breaking the hierarchy of fashion
    learn more
  • 17.05 . OnlineTalk #5Alice Robinson
    Fashion is holistic : Rethinking our relationship to nature
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  • 24.05 . OnlineTalk #6Jelske Peterson & Jarah Stoop
    Fashion is for life : Mending will save us
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